Results & Standings

2019 Season Schedule, Results & Recaps

Worcester Tournament 

Sat. 9/14 – Middlebury College (0-0) vs. Wesleyan University (0-0) 

Sat. 9/14 – Amherst College (0-0) vs. Middlebury College (0-0)

Sun. 9/15 – Middlebury College (0-0) vs. University of Massachusettes (0-0)

Sun. 9/15 – Middlebury College (0-0) vs. United States Coast Guard Academy (0-0)

Wesleyan Tournament 

Sat. 9/28 – Middlebury College (0-0) vs. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (0-0)

Sat. 9/28 – Middlebury College (0-0) vs. Amherst College (0-0)

Sun. 9/29 – Williams College (0-0) vs. Middlebury College (0-0)

Sun. 9/29 – University of Massachusettes (0-0) vs. Middlebury College (0-0) 

Conference Championships (hosted by Middlebury) 

Seeding TBD

2018 Season Schedule, Results & Recaps

Worchester Tournament

Saturday 9/15 — Middlebury College vs. Williams College

W- 23-6 (5-0 officially)

Williams forfeited due to an insufficient number of players. They recruited players from other teams so they would have enough and we scrimmaged. Middlebury won, unofficially, 23-6. Senior Andrew Sebald scored his first goal in officiated intercollegiate action.

Saturday 9/15 — University of Massachusetts vs. Middlebury College

L- 12-6

Middlebury fought hard and rallied several times, trailing only 8-6 after a 3rd-Quarter buzzer-beating goal by Senior-Feb Robert Bernhardt, but couldn’t sustain that play for the entire game.

Saturday 9/15 — Middlebury College vs. Wesleyan University

W- 12-6

A 5-0 late-3rd-quarter/early-4th-quarter Middlebury run, highlighted by Sophomore Sam Van Lokeren’s three straight goals (one of them a buzzer beater) turned a 5-3 Middlebury lead into an insurmountable 10-3 Middlebury advantage.

Sunday 9/16 — Worcester Polytechnic Institute vs. Middlebury College

W- 21-11

First-half explosions by Van Lokeren (7 goals) and Adam Fisher (4 goals) gave Middlebury a 12-5 halftime lead they never lost. The second half was highlighted by two goals each from David Cohen and Alaina Pribus, as well as the first-ever goal by Senior Robert Pritchard on a 5-meter penalty shot.

Wesleyan Tournament

Saturday 9/29 — Middlebury College vs. U.S. Coast Guard Academy

L- 13-3

Playing without offensive star Sam Van Lokeren (chest injury) for the entire weekend, Middlebury was overmatched against the undefeated team from Coast Guard Academy. Robert Bernhardt, David Cohen, and freshman newcomer Skylar Diamandis scored for Middlebury.

Saturday 9/29 — Middlebury College vs. Amherst College

L- 11-5

A sluggish start led to Amherst claiming a 5-1 halftime lead that Middlebury could not overcome. Adam Fisher and Robert Bernhardt co-led the team with two goals each.

Sunday 9/30 — Williams College vs. Middlebury College

W- 18-3

Middlebury led 6-1 after one quarter and 11-1 at half in a game characterized by frequent counterattacks. Robert Bernhardt recorded a career-high 6 goals, and Skylar Diamandis had a hat trick of his own in a game where more than half a dozen Panthers found the back of the net.

Sunday 9/30 — University of Massachusetts vs. Middlebury College

L- 10-8 (Overtime)

Balanced scoring from Cohen, Pribus, Diamandis, and Fisher gave Middlebury a 4-1 lead after the first quarter. UMass scored the next five goals, helping them to 6-4 third-quarter lead. Middlebury battled back to tie the game with goals from Fisher and Diamandis, but UMass scored twice more, giving them an 8-6 lead with four minutes left in the game. However, Diamandis scored his second goal of the 4th quarter with just over two minutes left to play, and Bernhardt scored on the counterattack after a brilliant steal with 1:14 remaining to tie the game and ultimately send it into overtime. Two goals in the first period of overtime, however, were enough to seal the game for UMass.

Williams Tournament (Conference Championship)

Saturday-Sunday 10/13-14

First Round Game: #4 Middlebury vs. #5 Wesleyan

Wesleyan played tight, tying the game 3-3 early in the third quarter, and 6-5 midway through the 4th quarter. Middlebury, however, remained unfazed and reeled off three consecutive goals to put the game out of reach and advance to the Semifinal. Fisher, Diamandis, and Bernhardt led the scoring with two goals apiece. 

Semifinal: #4 Middlebury vs. #1 Coast Guard

An early goal gave Middlebury a 1-0 lead, which would prove to be their only lead of the game. Goast Guard’s depth, intensity and conditioning proved too much in a 21-6 victory. Diamandis scored a hat trick, while Van Lokeren added a pair of goals himself. 

3rd Place Game: #4 Middlebury vs. #3 UMass

Facing the University of Massachusettes for the third time, Middlebury erupted to a 4-0 lead, and later led 3-6. UMass, however, dominated the second half, scoring 6 out of the last 7 goals to win 9-7. Van Lokeren led the scoring with a hat-trick. 


Regular Season Colonial Division Standings

1. Coast Guard (8-0)

2. UMass (6-2)

3. Amherst  (5-3)

4. Middlebury (4-4)

5. Wesleyan (3-5)

6. WPI (2-6)

7. Williams (0-8)

Conference Championship Standings: 

Position: Team Wins-Loss (Reg. Season Wins – Reg.Season Losses) 

Champions: Coast Guard Academy 11-0 (8-0)

Runner’s Up: Amherst College 7-4 (5-3)

3rd Place: Umass 8-3 (6-2) 

4th Place: Middlebury 5-6 (4-4)

5th Place: Wesleyan 5-7 (3-5)

6th Place: Williams 1-10 (0-8)

7th Place: WPI 2-9 (2-6)